SINGING IN THE RAIN (click on this link)

It was pouring down buckets but I caught this Chipping Sparrow singing his heart out. No other birds were around … he didn’t have an audience. He just sang for the sake of singing. It’s such a part of him that he has to do it.

This little guy got me thinking …

We are to be like that bird in that our worship isn’t for others. We need to remember that it’s for an audience of One. Worship should be such a part of us that we can’t help it but sing out praises. It shouldn’t matter whether or not people are watching, nor should it matter if you “feel like it” or not.

No matter what life is “raining” down on you, no matter what your situation … praising the Lord puts our focus back into proper alignment with Him and gets your mind off of the temporal situations.

Praise Him in the midst of the storms.


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